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YRQ-10 (10t/h) YRQ-15 (15t/h)

Mini RAP asphalt mixing plant is a specifically design for the road maintenance and repair operations. It directly using the original asphalt mixture of the old road has been damaged to recycling, reuse and repair, prolong the life of roads. Technology stable and reliable, operation cost very low. It is the lowest for the same products in the market.

◆ Potholes repair                        ◆ Road shoulder maintenance           ◆ Road gap repair                               ◆ Curb maintenance
◆ Cable trench repair                 ◆ Collecting basin maintenance         ◆ Pipe groove repair                           ◆ Parking lot maintenance
◆ Bridge floor repair                   ◆ Railway crossing maintenance        ◆ Small or medium road repair        ◆ Pedestrian crossing maintenance
◆ The cold season repair         ◆ Urban village road construction maintenance

• Applicable for complete RAP process or complete virgin materials process, which greatly satisfies the different production requirements of customers.
• In-Place recycling of asphalt frees the highway maintenance from weather.
• The reclaimed asphalt will not go under aging and burning, and the temperature is adjustable. • Excellent mixing and drying, great quality of asphalt.
• Designed with towing chassis, convenient for towing and quick transition.
• Equipped with self power unit (diesel engine), no additional power supply or auxiliary power is required.
• Equipped with tank of bitumen and recycling agents, no additional bitumen. • Great economic benefit from using reclaimed materials.

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