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RLB80+LBJ2000 RLB120+LBJ3000

Asphalt Recycling Plant is designed and developed independently by our company for use in combination with the LBJ1000, LBJ1500, LBJ2000, LBJ3000 and LBJ4000,LBJ5000 series intermittent asphalt mixing plant of productivity ranging between 80t/h and 240t/h.
Seamlessly integrated with the asphalt mixer, our asphalt recycler adopts the thermal reclamation method in turning millings or broken chunk into quality recycled hot mix asphalt. The equipment features high measuring accuracy and coordinated control. It has been proved that the addition of old asphalt accounts for as high as 60 percent of the whole mixture in every batch.
Hot smoke can be recycled as well. The exhaust gas can be refilled into the equipment for secondary combustion. This not only saves energy but also protects environment. This series of asphalt recycling plant is most commonly used to recycle the asphalt millings produced during highway renovation. This process greatly reduces asphalt waste, avoids pollution, and decreases production cost, which in turn creates more profits for the user. Unique processing methods prevent the hot asphalt millings from sticking to each other.
The asphalt milling in the batcher is sent via the belt conveyor into the drum dryer, where it will be heated and measured. A special device is used to carry the hot milling to the mixing bin. There at the mixer, the hot milling is mixed with new aggregates, pulverized minerals, and bitumen to form recycled asphalt.
1. Independent, versatile asphalt recycling system allows the recycler to be attached to various mixing plant.
2. The recycling plant is modular in design, which makes installation and replacement much easier.
3. High heating temperatures up to 160℃ ensures mixing sufficiency.
4. The recycler can be used to heat both ordinary asphalt and modified asphalt.
General Parameters:
Model RLB60 RLB80 RLB120 RLB160
Capacity(RAP process) 60 t/h 80 t/h 120 t/h 160 t/h
Fuel Consumption Coal: 13~15 kg/t; Diesel: 6~8 kg/t
Weighing Accuracy Dynamic: ±2.5%; Static: ±0.5%
Installed Power(RAP equipment) 130 kW 170 kW 230 kW 280 kW
Matched asphalt plant and  max. RAP  proportion LB1200 50% / / /
LB1500 40% / / /
LB2000 30% 50% / /
LB3000 / 33% 50% /
LB4000 / 25% 37% 50%
Production Cost Contrast
Let's take the Chinese asphalt market as an example. We assume that our recycler works for 10 hours at a daily production rate of 200 tons per hour. That is to say, the production of asphalt amounts to 2000 tons per day.
1. Production of new asphalt by the mixer (The bitumen content in new asphalt is 4.5%. Production of one ton of new asphalt consumes up to 6.5 kg of fuel. ) Daily Bitumen Usage Amount: 2000t×4.5%=90t
Daily Fuel Consumption: 2000t/kg×6.5kg=13t
Market Price for Bitumen: 653USD/t
Market Price for Fuel: 653USD/t
Production Cost: 90t×653USDRMB/t+13t×653USD/t=67259.00 USD
2. Production of recycled asphalt by using our recycler (The bitumen content in recycled asphalt is 2%. Fuel consumption rate is 9.5kg per ton of recycled asphalt.)
Daily Bitumen Usage Amount: 2000t×2%=40t
Daily Fuel Consumption: 2000t/kg×9.5kg=19t
The power of the recycler is 244kw higher than that of a mixer, with power efficiency up to 80%.
Added cost of the recycler relative to the mixer: 200kw/h×10h×0.15RMB/kw=300USD
The recycler requires 3 more operators than the mixer does. Daily pay for each operator is 8.7US per day. 3×8.7USD=26.10USD
Production Cost: 40t×653USD/t+19t×653USD/t+300+26.1=38853.10 USD
Cost Saving: 67259.00 -38853.10 =28405.90 USD
Cost Saving per Ton: 28405.9/2000=14.20USD
Note: The above calculation is for reference only.

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