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QLB-20 (20t/h) QLB-30 (30t/h)

The QLB series mobile asphalt mixing plant is independently created by our company in the national initiative to develop a state of the art modular design for asphalt batch plant. With simple, aesthetically appealing structure, the equipment features high modularity in design.
The eco-friendly batch plant is also energy efficient. It is quite reliable, allowing for ease of installation, operation, and transportation. The resulting asphalt concrete has good quality and stable performance, which is widely used for the construction of highway, bridge, and other infrastructure as well as suitable for daily road repair and maintenance.
Main Structure
1. The combined structure of drum dryer and batcher is mounted onto the movable support, which facilitates their movement.
2. The asphalt mixing plant comes with twin horizontal shafts that are able to bring the aggregates to a fierce boil, which ensures a thorough mixing.
3. Hot aggregate is vertically lifted up in the densely arranged hanging buckets. This kind of lifting tool is easy, reliable to use.
4. For accurate weighing of aggregates, bitumen, and pulverized mineral, the measurement scale is used, which contains a weight sensor for electronic metering.
5. The movement of power material follows an enclosed, spiral path which guarantees minimum material loss as well as provides safety transfer.
6. At the cyclone burner, high pressures oil is sprayed out and atomizes quickly. Within the combustion chamber, the material is fed in a spiral manner and ignited automatically by the oil spray, which ensures combustion efficiency. The cylindrical barrel of the burner is separated from the burner head. The barrel cavity can be pushed in and pulled out, which facilitates the change of damaged jamb brick inside the burner head. The whole burner features large heat capacity and great hot strength. It is also cost effective.
Mobile asphalt mixing plant QLB-10 QLB-15 QLB-20 QLB-30  QLB-40 QLB-60 ,  QLB-80
Rated productivity 10tph 15tph 20tph 30tph 40tph 60tph, 80tph
Suitable material bitumen, aggregate bitumen, aggregate bitumen, aggregate bitumen, aggregate bitumen, aggregate bitumen, aggregate
Feeder hopper capacity 500kg 750kg 1000kg 1,500kg 1,600kg 1,500kg x 2, 1,600kg x 2
Main power oil burner 42kw, coal burner 58kw oil burner 48kw, coal burner 69kw oil burner 60kw, coal burner 84kw oil burner 97kw, coal burner 121kw oil burner 115kw,
coal burner 147kw
oil burner 153/ 176kw,
coal burner 200/239kw
Product temperature 120~165°C, adjustable 120~165°C, adjustable 120~165°C, adjustable 120~165°C, adjustable 120~165°C, adjustable 120~165°C, adjustable
Burner oil, or coal and oil oil, coal and oil oil, coal and oil oil, coal and oil oil, coal and oil oil, coal and oil
Control system PLC, auto/manual, electronic cabinet and control panel, touch screen/control room
Fuel consumption Oil: 5 ~7.5 kg/t                                     Coal: 13~15 kg/t
Optionnal Coal miller, Wet filter, Bag filter, Bitumen heating tank

Cold aggregate feed system

  The automatic batcher comes with three feed hoppers. Materials contained in the three hoppers can be weighed together by using one scale. A material loader is used to supply aggregates to the hopper. Via the programmable logic control system, the feed level is inspected and automatically compensated to ensure an accurate feed with minimum error rate. The conveyor is fitted with scraper and tracking adjustment roller.
Drum Dryer and Mixer

1. The cylindrical drum is made from Q345 high-strength alloy steel, which is impervious to washing and high temperature without deformation. The cylinder has advanced structure whose manufacturing process is nationally unique.
2. The paddles are arranged in a spiral manner, which enables the material to move about violently in the axial direction. This process ensures an even heating over the material, and greatly improves the quality of finished products.
3. Thanks to the thrust-bearing, the cylinder is prevented from axial movement during rotation, which avoids the wear of the support roller and the seal ring at either end of the cylinder.
4. Dual horizontal axis setups of the forced mixer overcome the problem faced by single axis arrangement. That is to say, the former can eliminate dead areas where materials accumulate out of the reach of mixing paddles. Its finished product has consistent good quality. During mixing, the two horizontal axes will bring the material to a fierce boil so as to ensure it gets thoroughly and rapidly mixed. The liner, mixing arm, and mixing paddle are cast from wear-proof, high strength alloy steel, featuring a long serving life.


The burner is of international famous brands. It produces high-temperature flames for sufficient burning with low fuel consumption, which saves operation cost. A wide array of fuels can be applied to the burner, including heavy oil, diesel oil, natural gas, liquefied gas, and coal
Operating Cabinet
  1. The spanking-new independently-developed SCADA system creates a friendly human-machine interface.
2. The touch-screen is straightforward and easy to use. PLC system allows for fully-automatic, semi-automatic, or manual operation.
3. Main process data will be recorded and printed. The machine also provides convenient search function.
4. Diversified, practical processing procedures facilitate the management of batching and production parameters.
5. Responsive, accurate fault monitoring and alarming system ensures safety operation.

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