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SLB-20 (20t/h) SLB-10 (10t/h)

Mobile Drum Mix Asphalt Plant The SLB series mobile drum mix asphalt plant/drum mixer is basically of four types: SLB-8, SLB-15, SLB-20, and SLB-30, which derive their name from their particular production capacity. The equipment is well designed and manufactured in response to the market demand. It differs from traditional ones in that its drum can rotate in the reversed direction to push the concrete towards the discharge chute. This drum mixer is also known for its dual drum configuration and a unique bag-house which is fitted in the middle of the plant. Conventional drum mixers have multiple advantages such as ease of measuring, accurate batching ratio, and reliable mixing quality. This series of asphalt plant combines those said advantages of traditional mixer with the salient features of newly emerging ones. It brings to the market a proved design for use in the construction and maintenance of asphalt road.
Structures and Features
1. The mixer puts the cylindrical drum as its main structure. Material feeding and drying are done at proper intervals, which ensures high mixing efficiency.
2. The light, compact asphalt plant is also highly flexible. The trailer chassis can be easily and conveniently transferred to the job site.
3. The plant is highly versatile. By adding different pulverized minerals, it can mix a variety of asphalt recipes.
4. Bitumen is fed into the batching container at a specific time and volume to assure an accurate bitumen-oil ratio, facilitating ratio adjustment.
5. The plant features stable mixing temperature and uniform blending. The unique bag-house avoids the weakness of single drum mixer where the bitumen is susceptible to ageing.
6. Touch screen allows straightforward control. The PLC system allows for automatic, semi-automatic, and manual operations.
7. The novel burner design can both use coal and oil as fuel. Ignition is done electronically and automatically. Complete combustion can be guaranteed for high heat efficiency. No slag should be formed inside the batcher.
SLB-8 SLB-10  SLB-15 SLB-20 SLB-30
Rated productivity 8tph 10tph 15tph 20tph 30tph
Suitable material bitumen,
bitumen, aggregate bitumen, aggregate
Feeder hopper capacity 400kg 500kg 750kg 1,000kg 1,500kg
Main power oil burner 23kW, coal burner 39kW oil burner 27kW, coal burner 43kW oil burner 32kW, coal burner 53kW oil burner 45kW,
coal burner 70kW
oil burner 53kW,
coal burner 84kW
Product temperature 120~165°C, adjustable 120~165°C, adjustable 120~165°C,
120~165°C, adjustable 120~165°C, adjustable
Burner oil, or coal and oil oil, coal and oil oil, coal and oil oil, coal and oil oil, coal and oil
Control system PLC, auto/manual, electronic cabinet and control panel,
touch screen
PLC, auto-control and manually, electronic cabin and control panel,touch screen, control room
Fuel consumption Oil: 5 ~7.5 kg/t                                                                Coal: 13~15 kg/t
Optionnal Aggregate batcher, Storage silo, Coal miller, Wet filter, Bag filter, Bitumen heating tank

Cold aggregate feed system

  The asphalt plant is quipped with one weighing hopper which can measure the combined weight of materials from the three material hoppers. A loader will supply required aggregates to each hopper. Feed level can be measured and adjusted via the PLC system which can compensate for raw material shortage. This process features high measuring accuracy with little error rate. The belt conveyor is equipped with scraper and tracking adjustment roller.
Drum Dryer and Drum Mixer

1. The cylindrical drum is made from Q345 high-strength alloy steel, which is impervious to washing and high temperature without deformation. The cylinder has advanced structure whose manufacturing process is nationally unique.
2. The paddles are arranged in a spiral manner, which enables the material to move about violently in the axial direction. This process ensures an even heating over the material, and greatly improves the quality of finished products.
3. Thanks to the thrust-bearing, the cylinder is prevented from axial movement during rotation, which avoids the wear of the support roller and the seal ring at either end of the cylinder.
4. Labyrinth seals are applied to the joints between two main moving parts to prevent dust leakage and insure the joint a secure seal.

The burner is of international famous brands. It produces high-temperature flames for sufficient burning with low fuel consumption, which saves operation cost. A wide array of fuels can be applied to the burner, including heavy oil, diesel oil, natural gas, liquefied gas, and coal
Operating Cabinet
  1. The supervisory control and data acquisition software creates a user-friendly human-machine interface.
2. Touch screen allows production data to be presented on the visual display. PLC system provides automatic, semi-automatic, and manual operation modes.
3. Unique weighing functionality makes automatic, fast compensation for material shortage a possibility. 4. Main production data are recorded and printed for ease of search.
5. The mixing recipes and production parameters are conveniently managed to allow for diversified, practical processing procedures.
6. Machine fault monitoring and alarming system is responsive and accurate.

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